Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Coming soon: Link your channel with a Google+ page (and keep your channel name)

Over the past several months we’ve been giving YouTube users the ability to change how they appear on YouTube, by using their Google+ profile on their YouTube channel.  Well-known creators such as Michael Buckley, Philip DeFranco, Kina Grannis and Felipe Neto have chosen to use their Google name as their identity on YouTube, by linking their Google+ profile with their Channel. This has helped them access engagement and social features like Hangouts on Air.

You may have seen a prompt like the one below inviting you to use your Google identity on YouTube. If you haven’t, you can opt in right now using your account settings.

Or you can keep your channel name!

While using a full name from a Google+ profile might work well for a creator who wants to build their brand as an individual, this simply doesn’t work if you don’t want a full name on your channel.  If you run a channel with a name like BlueXephos or VlogBrothers, you should create a Google+ page (as opposed to a profile) with that name.

In the coming weeks we’ll launch the option to link your channel with a Google+ page, which will allow you to use your channel name (even with spaces in it!) as your Google identity.  And yes, the advanced Google+ page management features that enable up to 50 people manage a single Google+ page, or a single person to manage up to 50 Google+ pages, will also work for channels that are linked with Google+ pages.

We’ve been beta testing this option with some channels such as Google Analytics and YouTube Creators, and we’re planning to make this feature available to all creators in the coming weeks.

Why should creators use a Google identity?

If you unify your YouTube identity with Google+, it will be easier for your audience to find and connect with you on YouTube, Google and across the web, and it will help you build your brand across all of Google’s products.  We’re also continually developing new engagement features like Hangouts on Air that take advantage of the best that both YouTube and Google+ have to offer.

David Boyle, recently watched MEERKATS 3D


  1. It was a huge and long overdue relief when we were allowed to change the identity of our Youtube accounts, because in my case (and I really really really can't be the only one) I created my Youtube account with a business name that I have long since closed.

    Sadly though, it still lurks (and no doubt confuses visitors) as the username. Isn't there some way you can allow us to change usernames too? Do you not use system-generated numbers as the account key index?

  2. Could you connect your channel to more than one Google+ Page?

  3. Not for nothing, but... WTF? Is this happening or not?

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