Monday, November 26, 2012

Meet ItsRaphaBlueBerry, November’s YouTube Partner Success Story!

We have loads of partners across Europe that are taking advantage of the YouTube Partner Program, and becoming highly successful on YouTube. We've asked some of these partners to share their experience on YouTube and within the program, and shed light on how to best utilize the platform. This month featured partner is ItsRaphaBlueBerry, please read on for his story and best practices!

Please tell us a bit about yourself. What is your name, your channel name? Where are you from, your fanbase?

My name is Rafael, I live in London, England but I was born in a Portuguese family. My YouTube channel is ItsRaphaBlueBerry, I make cooking videos and comedic vlogs. The majority of my viewers are from the US and UK.

Please tell us how it all started. How and when did you start creating videos? When did you decide to be active on YouTube and become a partner? What was your first video on YouTube?

I started uploading videos on my channel in 2010 using a low quality webcam and a really basic editing program. I was very inspired by other YouTubers and their success stories and I really enjoyed video making.

My first uploads didn't have many views but I was having fun so I just kept doing it regularly. Eventually people started watching and I finally felt like I had an audience - that's when I applied for the Partnership Program.

Please explain your channel. What's the story behind your channel? How did you come up with your channel concept?

When I first started uploading on my channel I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do. I uploaded many vlogs just sharing my life and opinions with my viewers and eventually I started receiving suggestions and video requests about specific topics. My first viewers definitely helped me shape and build my channel. Two years have passed and I couldn't be more pleased with my cooking tutorials and my random comedic vlogs.

YouTube Partnership:
Please share your experience of being a YouTube partner. How has being a YouTube partner helped/changed your business and personal life? Were there any surprises? What are your plans for the future of your channel and YouTube partnership?

Becoming a YouTube partner had an enormous impact on my business and personal life. It helped realise that I could be part of the entertainment industry and build my own audience using this amazing platform. I used to be a dental school student but I've decided to follow my real passion and explore the world of media and communication. I'm excited to see what the future holds.

How do you define success? How did you become successful on YouTube? What were your goals for your channel, and how did you achieve them? What would you recommend to newbie partners to be successful on YouTube?

I think I felt successful on YouTube when I realised I had an audience, a group of loyal viewers who look forward for my next creations. It's great knowing that there's someone who enjoys watching your videos. I would recommend everyone to use all the tools properly and have fun while making their videos. Don't over think how many views you get, just keep doing it and surprise your subscribers with new content regularly.

Creative inspiration:
Please tell us what inspires you. Do you have a particular creative aesthetic? Are there other YouTube channels you watch, creators you admire?

I usually get inspired when I get in touch with my viewers. Reading e-mails, comments and seeing their reactions to my uploads makes me want to create more often and surprise them with new content. I always carry a notepad with me and when I have an idea for a video, I write it down. There are many creators I admire such as FoodWishes, LauraVitalesKitchen or JoeyGraceffa.

Key Takeaways:
Anything you want the YouTube audience to know about you, your channel, or being a YouTube Partner?

I genuinely have fun making my videos, that's why I started in first place. If you're interested in baking or you just want to watch one of my comedic vlogs feel free to visit my channel. My videos are happy and colourful and I hope you have a good time watching them.

ItsRaphaBlueBerry, YouTube Partner, recently watched “A Song for Music (Original)


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